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Friday, May 7, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

Another Friday -- another old family photo.  This one is featuring my other grandfather.  This past week was his birthday.  Both of my grandfather's were born in 1903 -- a week apart and on opposite sides of the state.

This photo is when my grandfather was receiving a service award for his work at Quantico Marine Base.  It is funny -- the base took his family land and home (eminent domain) and then he went to work there.  Many of his neighbors did the same thing.  Their homeplaces were gone and then they needed work -- and it was for the very entity that took their home.

Both of my grandfathers were interesting people.  One of the things I remember about this one is that he would write his name on the bottom of things that belonged to him -- chairs in the yard, anything.  I liked to walk into the old garage and smell the earth soaked by oil.  There was an outhouse behind the garage.  He had a compost pile out past the garden that always had egg shells and coffee grounds on it.  In his room in the garage, he kept a jar filled with quarters labeled "cotter pins."

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