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Friday, May 28, 2010

From the Barefoot Files...

I don't know why -- but I have always liked this photo of my grandmother.  You can barely see a car in the frame and the house in the distance.  

She looks very young.  And there she is standing in the yard looking back over her shoulder.  She seems very caught off guard.  I know she did not like her picture taken.  Perhaps when she was young she did not mind -- of it was my grandfather taking the photo -- she may not have cared.

When I run across old photos like this I always wonder what was going on -- where is this and what was the situation.


Vagabonde said...

That is a pretty good picture for being an old black and white. I just went through a lot of old pictures to place on my latest post. I had one of my mum taken when she was 15 months old in 1911. It is completely washed out – well she had light hair and eyes. I tried to make it a bit darker but then the paper around it showed many spots. How do you handle old pictures like that? Do you edit them at all?

Donna Rosser said...

That will happen when you darken the whole picture. If you can select certain areas to darken -- it is best. If not -- you will have to darken and then go back to clean up the specks that show up.

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