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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Pond and The New Camera

A few years ago I put in a small goldfish pond in the backyard.  It has been interesting to watch it mature -- frogs came, even a turtle once.  It is always good subject matter for photos.

Last week I did purchase a new pocket camera.  The model I ended up going with is the Canon SX120 IS.  This is a small camera -- but it has a big zoom.  The zoom is 10x and it is a 10 megapixel camera.  Of course, being a point and shoot -- it has limitations and drawbacks.  The biggest thing is the lag time.  Testing it out I took this photo of the pond.  

A couple years ago I put the iris in the pond.  This is the first year to have blooms.  I did take a few photos of the bloom -- and of course in color.  Every photo I take is in color and then, if I choose, I convert it to black and white.  This way I always have the best of both -- the color version and the option of black and white.  This photo is my favorite from the testing of the new camera.  I took it with the point and shoot -- no cropping.  When I took it I did think the photo would look best in black and white.  To show the different textures, types of leaves, reflections, etc. -- monochromatic would be best.  The contrast was tweaked a bit and that is all.  The bloom of the iris is almost lost -- but looking through the photo to see everything that is there, you find the bloom.

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