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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Secret Garden

Yesterday I spent some time in a private place that is not known to a lot of people.  The sad thing is if a lot of people knew about it -- it would not exist.  Sad but true.  These pink lady slippers in this photo grow wild and in a large group.  I was told it was highly unusual and it needed to be protected.

It was a nice day -- if you don't dwell on the spider webs you walk through and those that you find covering your camera.  But any day in the woods is a good day.

The dogwood tree in this photo was full of fresh, new spring leaves.  The sunlight above light them up perfectly.  

Something else about yesterday, I was shooting with some film people.  I had forgotten about film -- setting up shots and not just taking tons and tons of photos.  It made me think a little about how I had become such a "spray it all over" shooter.  I felt sloppy and unorganized.  I really felt that I was using the old "blind squirrel" method of photography -- sooner or later I would find a nut.  This is the thing I tell my students all the time --shoot, shoot, and shoot some more.  But after yesterday -- I wonder....

Should you really be a bit more deliberate about what you are shooting.  Pay it some respect, take your time, think through the shot as much as possible.  I started doing that -- slowing my pace a bit and thinking a little more about my surroundings.  It became even more enjoyable, if that was even possible.

There is nothing wrong with shooting like crazy -- if nothing else it is educational.  But I do see the importance of taking the time to be thoughtful (even if you are not shooting film).

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