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Monday, February 9, 2009


Friends of ours have become parents!  Great news!  I love babies.  Last week I took photos of the little one sleeping and awake.  It has been a long time since I had a baby around the house. They sure do sleep through just about anything.  One whole photo session -- he was asleep! That's OK -- we got some cute sleeping shots.  But still -- we wanted those eyes open!

The second session -- he was awake.  He is not yet a month old.  He is almost to the point where he has a little bit of personality showing through.  The awake session did not last as long as the "sleeping" one. Funny thing about babies -- they are much more patient asleep than awake...

The first session I had my 50mm lens and used natural light from a southwest facing window.  It was mid afternoon and the light from the window was perfect.  Mom turned his face toward the window for me.  By the time we really got going with the photos, the sky was clouding up.  But there was plenty of light and the 50mm was great to get a nice, natural glow.  I did not have to do much of anything with Photoshop or the Nik plugins to get a nice look for the photo.  He has great skintone!  I did use the Silver Efex to create black and white versions of the color photos.

The second session, I decided to use the Tamron zoom (18-250mm) and I had my flash with me. Wouldn't you know it the batteries died in the flash before I could do much of anything with it. Oh well -- I usually hate a flash anyway.  Again to the window!  He was in a good mood -- which helps a lot with babies. He had just eaten -- so I knew he would be taking a nap -- soon.  So we worked quickly to get a few good shots with his eyes open.  One of them I really like a lot -- I love it in black and white -- it is the one on this post.

The next time I go -- I plan to take along the Composer and hope I have time to play a little with it for some portraits. 


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