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Monday, February 23, 2009

In the Company of Daisies...

I have had some of my favorite subjects around the house the past couple days.  I love daisies.  Usually I bring home the white ones.  Call me a purist -- but I just like white daisies.  Well, this weekend I had a baby shower at the house.  The shower was for a boy -- and since it was a baby boy, I found a really pretty bunch of daisies that included blue.  There were white as well -- but the blue was a very pretty blue.

So again the Composer got a workout today.  I started with the +4 macro attachment.  Then I switched to the +10 attachment.  Then I stacked them.  The photo on the blog today was made with the +4 and +10 stacked.  

I really like the focus point.  The blue petals get the blur -- they appear almost fluid.  Again -- my eye sees blur in photos first as movement.  These petals are like water in a creek -- the curves, the flow.

When I am playing around with flowers at home, I have a nice place in the kitchen near a window.  I like to use the window light and the light in the kitchen -- no flash.  This photo was taken using auto white balance.  I used the f/4 aperture ring in the Lensbaby.  The shutter speed was 1/30 and the ISO 100.  Of course, I used a tripod.  In Photoshop I adjusted the contrast, shadows, and highlights a little and ever so slightly boosted the saturation.  Just a little on the saturation -- too much always looks funky to me.

So now I can add blue daisies to my list of favorite flowers.  


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