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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Find

The other day I was poking around through some old photos from almost a year ago.  Let's just say right now my organizational skills for photos are not that great.  I think I have a good system to remember and find certain photos -- but really -- I don't.  When I do find something that is a little old and good -- it is a nice surprise.

The photo on the blog today is one of those nice surprises.  I like the simplicity of it.  It seems that lately I am liking more and more just a nice, simple image.  This image is from my "learning to use the Lensbaby" period of late winter 2008.   I was pretty sure it was a Lensbaby photo -- but then I checked my EXIF data.  Sure enough I saw an f/0.0 -- bingo -- Lensbaby!

When you want to play and practice with your camera, a lens, or any other piece of equipment it is always nice to have some subject matter you like.  I have always liked flowers.  When I am teaching a class I like to tell people -- "I love taking photos of flowers, they don't move or talk back."  (OK, that is stealing a little from Georgia O'Keeffe -- but hey -- it is true!)  This delicious yellow tulip was picked from the bin at Publix and rushed home for a photo session.  

What I like about this photo is the color -- the green and yellow -- it is very fresh.  The color and softness are very nice.  I like that the tulip is upside down.  This is the way the photo was taken.  Sometimes I flip things -- but not this time. 

So -- yeah -- I go on about winter not being such a bad time for photos -- and it is not.  But if you are not into bare trees or skeleton yarrow blooms (that should have been removed from the yard last October), stop in a local grocery for some great blooms.  Today being Valentine's Day -- they can do double duty -- a nice gift and a nice subject -- all week long!


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