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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Crocs and The Barefoot Photographer...

You may wonder what someone who loves to go barefoot is doing with a favorite place on her blog for a shoe company.  And OK, it is not even what is known as a cute shoe company.  (Remember now, cute is in the eye of the beholder.)  But have you seen those leopard Malindis?  Oh my gosh -- I have to have a pair.  I am a leopard shoe junkie.  Anyway -- enough about me and my love of leopard shoes.

Way back in the blog I wrote about loving to go to Line Creek Nature Area to take photos.  It is a great spot (even with all the horrendous construction going on -- who really needs another shopping center???  OK, another blog, another time).  It is really nice to wear my Crocs when I am out shooting.  When I go out to areas like Line Creek it can be a little dirty, dusty, wet or muddy depending on recent weather.  Let's be real, I am not out traipsing through the woods barefoot -- as much as I like it -- it can be a little dangerous.  There are times I am out and about in my yard and the woods behind the house barefoot.  That is not as dangerous or creepy since it is my yard.  The only time a big problem comes into play here is if I run through a fireant mound!

In the last couple years I have been out and about in my Crocs at the creek, on the side of the road (love those cows just down the road from me), in an auto junkyard, on trails, etc.  They are so comfortable.  I can be on my feet all day walking and shooting -- my feet never get tired or hurt.   There are other times I am on my feet for a long period of time in a gallery or at a photo show.  You are there to meet people and talk with many attendees about your photos or the show in general.  It can be distracting if shoes hurt your feet.  This is when the Malindis come into play.  I wear the black Malindis often at a photo show.  They look good with what I am wearing and they are super comfortable.

When I need to wear cute shoes for something -- and it is wet and rainy -- I reach for the black Malindis.  If I am out in the wet -- mud, grass, leaves, you name it -- cleaning my shoes at the end of the day is simple and easy.  This is true for the Malindis or the clogs I wear on field shoots. There have been times I have taken them into the shower with me to clean up after a day out on a dirty trail.  Many times I have wished that my other photography gear was as easy to clean and lightweight to carry as my Crocs.  

One day at the creek -- I spent quite a bit of time kneeling on rocks to get certain perspectives.  I loved the shots I got -- but my knees did not like the time spent on the rocks.  I thought about the kneeler sold by Crocs -- then I spotted another accessory -- the Crocs knee pads!  Aha!  How great is this?  These are easily packed in a camera bag (what better to help cushion a lens or camera?) or hung on the outside of the bag.  They are so lightweight; it is like packing a feather.  There is no downside to toting them along -- and there is an incredible benefit to have them with you, especially in rocky locations. 

So yeah -- I am The Barefoot Photographer.  I am barefoot as much as possible -- at this very moment in fact.  But, there are times when nothing is a good as a pair of Crocs.  Crocs shoes are one of my better pieces of non-photographic photography equipment.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

O.k., Donna -- the ultimate irony! A barefoot photographer with a "fetish" for leopard shoes. I think the subject of "barefootedness" is -- non-photographically oriented though it is, kind of interesting. I am without shoes as often as possible. And when I can, I wear flip flops or slides in lieu of shoes. My current favorites are a pair of Keene slides that look like the water sandals, but are slides. Apparently my admiration is a minority thing, because Keene decided to discontinue them.

Growing up, my cousins would run barefoot through the snow, and even occasionally, through the barn at the Dairy Farm.

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