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Sunday, February 1, 2009

7 Photography Questions Podcast

This blog entry will concentrate on one of my new favorite photography tools.  It is a podcast called '7 Photography Questions.'  This is one of the best ways to learn tips and techiniques to improve your photography.  The podcast is available on iTunes and through the website 7 Photography Questions.

The interviewer, Audri Lanford, is a self-described digital photography fanatic.  On the website she mentions her passion for digital photography.  You can tell she is very interested.  Audri has quite a series going of interviews with many notable photographers.  What I love is that she speaks with certain photographers about their forte -- not just about photography in a general sense.  

Since I have been concentrating on nature photography lately -- due to the upcoming Nature Undisturbed show -- I have been listening to her interviews with William Neill, Ed Cooper, Jennifer Wu, Brenda Tharp, and Jim Zuckerman.  I have been trying to perfect my landscape photography -- work out some kinks and get the photo I want.   One interesting points to hear is what tools these photographers use to get their photos.  I love to hear what lenses they use the most and what lens they rarely use.  Also -- filters -- do they use them to get certain looks or are they using the natural light and not heavy into filters.

Landscape photography really goes from good to great with your level of sharpness.  To hear the tips on getting the sharpness you want is priceless.  And guess what -- this podcast is free!  The great thing about 7 Photography Questions is that Audri covers a variety of photographic interests.  Perhaps you could not care less about landscape photography -- but you have other types of photography in mind.  She has interviews with photographers known for nature, landscape, children/portraits, dogs, aviation, fashion, fine art, HDR, travel, sports, food, and flower photography.  There are also interviews that build on techniques for composition and lighting.  I know I left something out.

I love is to hear the photographers talk about not being so wrapped up in the techinical aspect of photography.  I remember William Neill saying he never remembers what he takes anything at as far as settings go.  What a great thing to hear -- I hate when someone asks me what settings they should use for a certain situation.  How about hearing someone famous say they leave the camera on auto white balance?  It is very educational to hear what the don't use and the camera features that they do use to get such spectacular images.  

I wish the sound quality was a little better -- well -- I don't know if it can be better.  I feel like I am eavesdropping on a phone conversation when I am listening to this. Audri's voice reminds me of someone - sooner or later I will remember who it is.  

One thing about these podcasts -- the length!  When I first got my iPod I found all these cool podcasts -- but when would I have the time to listen???  Last December I made a road trip to Virginia -- it was great -- hours in the car with plenty of time to get through a backlog of podcasts.  Another way I make time for them is to actually get on the elliptical and not just look at it.  Time spent waiting in the car when I am picking up my daughter is a good bit of 'what-the-heck-else-do-I-have-to-do" time for podcasts listening.  No matter what your experience level is, this is definitely a podcast worth making the time for.


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