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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Last week during my visit to Sweetwater Creek I was overwhelmed by the number of beautiful dogwoods I saw blooming in the forest.  So many were above my head.  I could not get a good photo of the bloom in detail.  As I was leaving I found a tree that had blooms down where I could get something.  The photo on the blog today is one of them.  I decided to be different with it -- so many are in full color.  I changed the photo to black and white in Silver Efex and then toned it sepia.  I really like the look.

Happy Easter -- I will share an Easter memory.  When I was little -- maybe 5 -- we went to church on Easter Sunday.  Everyone was dressed in their finest.  The ladies also wore an orchid corsage.  I remember seeing them for sale everywhere in the days leading up to Easter.  I had on a cute Easter dress, the black patent shoes, a hat, and a black patent purse.  As I was sitting on the wooden pew with my parents -- all of a sudden I remembered I had gum in my mouth.  My grandmother would say things about people -- children in particular -- who chewed gum in church.  It was disrespectful.  So I immediately reached to my mouth to remove the gum and place it in a piece of paper in my purse. 

It was then that I remembered I was wearing new white Easter gloves.  Yep -- my gum was wrapped in my glove and stowed in my purse.  So now I never chew gum and wear gloves at the same time.

Have a great day -- and take some photos!


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