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Monday, April 13, 2009

Latest Moonshine!

The latest edition of Moonshine is available for viewing.  The following is lifted from an email from Robin:

Spring -- a time of change, the old giving way to the new, a time of hope. We could certainly use some hope in these times. Even in tough times, artists create art, writers write. It's our way. The way of the creative soul, celebrating the good, examining the bad, feeding the inspiration   --- Writings, music, paintings, photography... perhaps, by the light of the moon. Take a moment to find some inspiration in the work of Southern writers & artists. 

Savannah writer Hunter Dasten presents 3 poems: The Climb, An Immutable Act,   My Dream, and Those EyesPeople keep Calling me a Poet says Hunter. Hmm, wonder why? Artists and writers do so hate to be put in boxes.  Lots more poetry in this issue, too. Gilbert Head returns with Hell-Hound in the High Hall (dedicated to his brother) and shimmery springy In the Summer Hall / Karaginu Wings;  Sandy Vanderbleek's wonderful lyrical poems, breakpoint graph and i wrote a devotional and Russell Lee Hale II presents a gritty view of life on The Road.

Short stories abound with Jasmine Rizer's Little Miss Straight-Edge Goes on Vacation (pt.2)  -- or is it? You can be the judge of that one! James McCallister's award-winning, Howdy from Upstairs and Drék Davis gets something started with the edgy Push the Button (pt. 1); Frank Hamrick gives us a lovely photo and glimpse into history with Radio.  McCabe Coolidge continues his heartfelt series of life, celebrating little moments, and saying goodbye with pt.6 of the Seven Questions: What will it be like when I die?

Studio views features Sandra Babb's essay Snow White, which will make you want to pick up some tubes of paint and start painting (even if you are not a painter). A Peach Orchard Kind Of Day  is what Donna Rosser is having and you will too with her luscious photographs. Hannah Leatherbury shares a video interview with mixed media artist in Kaaren Engel Beyond 2 D; David Noah shares his thoughts and reactions to one painting in the Athens Georgia Lyndon House Arts Exhibit, Rotting Lemons : Jonathan Jaquet's painting. while Despina Yeargin finds that There is a Crack in Everything; an interview with Georgia poet, Alice Shapiro.

Need a little inspiration? JUMP! Dorothy Birch is Springing into Spring, and so should you! Benda Basham Dothage is pondering on the Developmental Changes in Toddlers and Teenagers. A little brain food for all of us. Jill Kettles discusses the age-old question: To Sell or Not to Sell That is Your Option and Allen Bell's podcast (with video trailer) of Michael Swanson, filmmaker is surely inspiring.

Robin Fay shares Documenting the art process :  the joys and challenges of doing a self-documentary of art in progress. It's not as hard as it sounds, and it is alot of fun! Document your next project and send it in to We'd love to see your work.

This issue features several guest reviewers in addition to the usual slate of contributors. In Book Reviews, Alice Berger reviews The Blankenschipf Curse by southern writer, Jim Murdock;
Robin Fay reviews MediaWiki (Wikipedia and beyond) by Daniel Barrett (for all of you technies out there); V.J. McClendon and David Carls do a one-two punch and review both the movie and book, The Secret Life of Bees, by Sue Monk Kidd ;  while Paige Cummings reviews, Return of the Texas Ranger by Dac Crossley.

Musicians? Artists? Visionaries?  Music reviews include an unclassifable podcast with filmmakers Victor Zimet and Stephanie Silber, interview about their movie Random Lunacy by Allen Bell. You really need to hear the podcast and watch the trailer of the film -- very interesting. Gilbert Head explores old time country duets worth Waiting for Nancy.
Check in with a Short Girl comix, book reviews, work from the Southerncreativity gallery (@ Flickr), art announcements & calls for entries.

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