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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Online Class is Here!

The following is taken from my website -- for anyone interested -- here you go.  If you have questions, feel free to email me.

For those of you who do not live close enough to attend one of my workshops -- you can sign up for a class that will come to you each week.  I will email the information and weekly assignment to you.  You will email to me the photos I request.  You will then receive critique and the next assignment.

You can email me for payment options or pay through the Paypal button on this page.  When paying for a class, be sure to add in the comment section which class (beginner or advanced).  Then, if you pay via Paypal, email me right away to let me know so we can get started.  If there is a problem with the link -- please email me to let me know.

Beginner Digital Photography

Six weeks of instruction on using your digital camera.  Take the camera off of the auto setting and get creative.  Learn my tips on macro, lighting, and more.  Learn about gear you need to get the photos you want.

week 1 -- aperture, shutter speed, white balance, ISO
week 2 -- kinds of lenses, choosing a lens, types of cameras, filters
week 3 -- lighting, capturing natural light
week 4 -- taking great macro shots
week 5 -- great people photos
week 6 -- composition and critique

Advanced Digital Photography
For those who know basically how to use their camera -- but are ready to get creative.  

week 1 -- black and white photography
week 2 -- depth of field, selective focus study
week 3 -- self portraits, still life
week 4 -- hone your skills with photography projects
week 5 -- high dynamic range imaging
week 6 -- turn your hobby into a business, building a portfolio

Choose your level of class.  I recommend anyone who needs work on settings and the basics; start with the beginner class.  For just $20 each week you receive a lesson and an assignment.  Complete the lesson, email me your photo assignment for critique. 


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