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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Opening NIght

Nature Undisturbed opened at the Dogwood Gallery in Tyrone last night.  

I was very pleased to see many photo club friends.  Also in attendance were the ladies from Slow Exposures -- that really made my night to see them there.  I love them -- they are so nice -- and I love their show!  The deadline to get your entry in for Slow Exposures is June 15.  The information for entry can be found on their website.

Two of the photographers in the show are from Louisiana and both made it to Georgia to attend the show.  I met them both yesterday.  One, Minday Fleming, told me that she had never entered a show before.  She was excited and you could tell.  Her photo of an egret standing at the water's edge is a very nice photo full of rich color and a great composition.  I am sure that Mindy will be in many more shows.  I am glad that Nature Undisturbed was her first.  The other Louisiana photographer is JP Morgan.  She submitted many wonderful photos -- I remembering seeing them.  The one that made it into the show is titled "Liquid Gold" and it sure is.  The photo shows a pelican in the water.  The light is pure gold on the water and on the pelican.  It is a stunning photo.

This afternoon I am presenting my talk on the Lensbaby lens and the nature photographer.  Tomorrow is family day with a birds of prey show and fun for all.  Next weekend -- Friday night, wine tasting and a meet the photographers evening; Saturday night, Susan Todd-Raque will talk about collecting photography; and Sunday afternoon, May 3, Tom Evens will take everyone on a photo safari.  Tom, a photo club member, picked up the Sponsor's Choice award and first place in the site specific category last night.  


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