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Friday, April 17, 2009

Love Those Leopard Crocs!

Rarely does a shoe come along that I am so in love with -- I think about buying multiple pairs to have when I wear one pair out.  (the last time this happened it was over a croco driving moc by Ralph Lauren -- two brown pair and one red pair later -- I am still glad I did it)

You all know I love my black Crocs Malindi shoes -- they are perfect -- comfy, easy to slip on and wear with those business casual type things.  

A couple weeks ago the most wonderous pair of Crocs came to live in my home.  Leopard Malindis!  Oh my!  Two of my favorite things in one -- leopard shoes and Malindis!  I wore them to a classical guitar concert last weekend.  I had two ladies ask me about them.  I have worn these during my photo classes -- and I have had students ask about them.  Everyone (well, almost) loves leopard shoes -- with jeans, black pants, white pants, anything -- they are so Kate Spade!  

I have a few other pair of leopard shoes -- they all get notice.  One pair I am thinking of are very nice and very expensive.  These are the only ones I am OK with wearing in the rain.  Did I say I love them?  As I walked across the parking lot to the grocery store last week, I looked down and thought, 'these shoes even make pavement look good.'

I love them so much I am going to buy at least a spare pair -- maybe two.  Next Friday night when I am on my feet at the photo show opening reception -- guess what will be on my feet?  You got it -- these delightful shoes!

Crocs -- thanks for making them!  You guys are the best!

The photo on the blog today is me wearing my most favorite shoes.  It was very bright when I took this photo.  Most people would have waited for less harsh light -- I kind of like the oomph of the bright sun.  I used the nifty 50mm, f2.5, 1/4000, ISO 100.  In processing I converted to B/W and then put back some color for the shoes.  I love the photo.  I love the shoes.  These can go to the gallery, the grocery store, and to the creek.  If I can't go barefoot -- I prefer my leopard Malindis!  If only those Lauren driving mocs came in leopard too...Ralph, are you listening?


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