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Thursday, April 23, 2009

I Feel Kind of Dirty...

...but I like it.  

Yesterday I could not help myself.  I know other photographers do this and really get into it.  I have heard of some exhibits featuring it -- books about it -- some have a whole photographic career built around it.  A good friend of mine has a great photo on Facebook; similar -- a little more touching and it's a fawn, not an armadillo.  I never participated in the practice until yesterday.

I was in the middle of a "Photo Wednesday" with a friend.  We were driving around in a neighboring county thinking of places to go take photos.  We spent a little time with some cows.  They were cute -- but smelly -- and in love with a salt lick.  Then, remembering a spot nearby -- we left the cows and headed to a beaver lodge.  The lodge was still there -- but it appeared that somehow the water in the wetland area was very low.  This was odd to us with all of the rain we have had.  We have decided to look into this.

But there I saw it -- on the side of the road.  I spied a dead armadillo -- roadkill -- very near where I was standing.  Many people photograph roadkill -- again -- books, exhibits, etc.  I would never go so far as to search the internet for roadkill photos -- I am sure many are very disturbing.  But I kind of like mine.  I like the simpleness of the photo.  Of course, I had to do it in black and white.  The textures of the asphalt and the armadillo.  The fact that the armadillo was in 'good condition' made for a nice photo -- and had it not been -- I would not have taken the photo.

Now -- I think if I see any other animal on the road -- I am taking a photo (as long as it is not super gross).  Science has always interested me and I see this as kind of a scientific thing.  Also I see it as respecting the animal.  Even as it is just dead on the side of the road -- it is interesting and caused me to stop, look, and give it part of my day.  

So, hello little armadillo, welcome to my photo collection.  And yep, I feel weird telling someone I shot roadkill -- but I kind of like the photo.  Oh, and hello to the Richard Petty Driving Experience crew -- I took photos of you guys as you drove by too -- nice cars.


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Floral Still Life said...

I'm into doing floral still life. I know what you felt when you saw that dead animal. A couple of years ago, a Harris sparrow crashed into our bay window. I had to make a still life image out of the poor fellow. I'll post it on my blog at a later date. But today, I posted an image of some blue morning glories at

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