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Friday, August 7, 2009

From the Barefoot Files...

In a couple weeks it will be my wedding anniversary. My husband and I were married in the same church as my parents. This is Ebenezer Methodist Church in Garrisonville, Virginia. The church was built in 1856. During the Civil War the floors were burned, the windows broken, and the walls were defaced. The building was a shelter for soldiers and horses. In 1961 heat was installed in the building.

When I was married there the building had no air conditioning. That was a hot day in August -- 105 degrees -- I don't even know what the heat index was.

As a child I remember the days we had lunch on the church grounds after Sunday Service. I remember having Sunday School in the activity building next door. The very small church had a small balcony. It was fun to walk up the tiny staircase to peep over the balcony down to the pews below. Miss Dorothy played the organ and Howard Flatford would sing a solo -- usually "How Great Thou Art." Members would ask my Aunt Anna how she was doing -- she would always smile and say, "I'm just proud to be here."

I have an old cookbook with many recipes in it belonging to relatives; "The Best Cooking in Garrisonville." The church is pictured on the cover. The date in the book is 1963-1964. I also have a decorative plate that hangs on the wall, the church is on the plate. It belonged to my great grandmother. One year, for a Christmas present, my mother had a local artist do a watercolor of the church for us. It hangs on the wall near the plate.

The church was sold to another group and the Ebenezer congregation moved the name to a larger, more modern building. It really has not been the same for me. This little humble building will always be Ebenezer.



Vagabonde said...

I have read many of your posts and looked at some great photographs. I know you will say mine are not that interesting, but I have only been taking pictures for my blog for 4 months or so, so it will take time. For example we went to the Kangaroo center last week and I tried to get some good shots, but it was difficult – they were not too close and my cameras don’t have good telephotos, and most of the animals were laying down - plus I only use Microsoft Office Picture Manager to crop them. But I am keeping at it, may still have the post ready tonight. Looking at the little church where you were married, I just can’t imagine how warm it must have been that day without air conditioning, but I guess you were happy so you did not feel it. I enjoy reading the posts from your files.

Donna Rosser said...

Hello Vagabonde -- thanks for reading and commenting! I think your photos and your blog are quite interesting. We seem to be our worst critics. I have heard about that kangaroo center -- I think that would be an interesting place to visit and shoot. Many times with animals -- in places like that and in the wild -- a good zoom is essential.

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