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Friday, August 14, 2009

From the Barefoot Files...

Reunions -- summer is a good time for a reunion. When you get together it is always a good idea to take a group photo. It always happenes at a wedding. Sometimes families do it at a funeral. Those are usually the two events that bring the most family members together at one place. Many won't like it -- but it does create a moment in family history. The photo below is not an old photo -- it was taken in 1996. This is a photo of me, my cousins, our spouses, and children.

This photo (below) is a family reunion shot from my mother in law's family. From looking at the dress in the photo -- I wonder the occasion. Could this have been for a family wedding or funeral? Did they dress up so just for the photo? I like that they included the dogs in the photo.

In the first photo -- I know the date, the place, all of those pictured, and the event. In the second photo, we don't know all of the people pictured, not sure of where, the date, or the event. Don't always take for granted that you will know all about important (or not-so-important) family photos. How do you document what you do know?

If you are using Photoshop Elements (I do), you can go under File>File Info and in the description section type in what you know and save this with the photo file. When the file is opened you can view the information -- or anyone you give a copy of the file to can view the information. You can make a copy with just a regular copy machine of the photo and write on the copy who is who that you know. Ask around to other family members to help identify who you don't know and find out any other information surrounding the photo. When was it taken and was there a special event? Document what you know.


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Vagabonde said...

I think it must have been nice to be part of a large family – I was not. My mother was an only child, my father had a sister who lived in Egypt, so I did not have any cousin close by, and the only ones not too far, in the country, were second cousins from my grandmother as my grandfather was also an only child. We never had a family reunion. But this is good as we don’t have many friends around here now and I am used to being alone. I try to talk about my childhood in my blog once in a while, as the one I just posted.

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