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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Kitchen Series

I like to cook and spend time in my kitchen. I also like to take photographs. Combining the two is perfect. During the past few months I have been working on photos of simple kitchen items. The main items selected so far have been forks, spoons, a ladle, and a tea kettle. There are more to come.

Many people like to have art in their homes. To be able to have something artistic in your kitchen is a plus. The photos I am working on are unique and eye catching. Of course, these photos are in black and white. I think being it black and white it also adds a dimension of something different. The black and white also compliment the choices we have today in kitchen decor; the stainless appliances and natural stone counterops.

In addition to the kitchen implements -- I am taking photos of veggies and fruits. It sounds rather trite to have photos of an apple in your kitchen -- but I think the photo I have of a Granny Smith is a little different and really gets your attention.

The studies of the fork, spoon, and scissors are very compelling. Not only is it s study of the object, it is a study of light and shadow. When composing the photos of the object, great attention is paid to the shadow of the object and where it falls in the composition.

Some of the items are sentimental to me. The ladle came from my grandmother's kitchen. I have written about it here before. I used the wonderful new search feature on the blog to find the ladle post and link it in case you wanted to see that photo. (I love the new search -- how handy is that?) I love the photo of my old kitchen. This was taken the day before the white-white-white kitchen was literally torn out and replaced with nothing white. This photo of the old kitchen -- taken in black and white with the color accent feature selecting red it a nice reminder of the old kitchen. The only thing remaining in the new kitchen is the red tea kettle.

These images are a study of subject rather than technique. I have used various lenses and photographic techniques to get each one. When framing my photography, I am kind of boring leaning toward the simple black frame and white mat. That choice -- especially when grouping a series of photos adds to the group. Even if the frames are different (and I like when they are), if they are all black -- they are "the same."

I have quite a series of kitchen images -- but this group will always be a work in progress.


1 comment:

barefootpaul said...

Beautiful black and white shots of those kitchen implements.

I am also a photographer based in the UK with my partner.

Greetings from us to you :-)

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