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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Canvas

Remember last week when I told of ordering a gallery wrap?  I ordered that date (Jan. 14) I posted about it.  The photo I chose was one of the Lensbaby daisy photos.

It arrived yesterday morning!  That is quick service.  It did come from North Carolina -- which is pretty darn close.  

Besides being pleased with the rapid service -- I am pleased with the print.  I have seen some canvas gallery wrap photos before and not really liked the look.  I don't know the process of those other prints.  

This is a 16x20 1.5" thick gallery wrap of that black and white image.  It looks terrific!  I love it so much -- I am hunting wall space for it.  You know I like something when I am figuring out what can move or come down to make space for the new piece!  The vendor I used is Canvas on Demand.  I am now looking at giving Mpix a try -- just to see how they do and there turnaround time.

Also, a big reason I want to give Mpix a try -- they have agreed to help sponsor the Nature, Undisturbed photo exhibit!   Way to go Mpix!

Don't forget -- Nature, Undisturbed is open for entries now.  The deadline is Jan 31 -- postmarked no later than this date.  A link to the call for entries, including entry form, is found in the upper left of this blog.


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