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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Lately the weather has been a little gray. OK, so today the sun came out -- but the wind was really blowing. I was sitting in the car waiting for my daughter to get out of class thinking that it would not take a very long exposure to get a lot of movement today.

Last Saturday was a wonderfully foggy day. The fog lasted a long time. I had a couple errands to run early -- I was hoping it would last so I would have time to try some photos.

When I got home I saw across the street and into the cow pasture -- the cows were close. I grabbed the tripod and headed out to get some photos of the cows in the foggy field.

The photos of the cows were not what I had hoped for. But -- while I was there looking at the cows I noticed the fence. The fence was much more interesting. Across the top was a string of barbed wire and the bottom was a square-pattern wire fence. I noticed, thanks to the fog, the little spider webs on the fence had drops of water on them. The barb on the barbed wire had a nice little bit of dewy web.

This photo is cropped to just show the barb. The color was changed slightly with Color Efex to give a more sepia look. I also added a bit of glamor glow.

I used an old Nikon lens to take this photo using a converter ring to attach it to my Canon.

Foggy days are a great time to get out and try something new.


lui355 said...

Love the photo wish i could see the cow one also :( lol

lui355 said...

love the fence picture but I wish i could see the photo with the cows lol

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