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Friday, January 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

Ok -- so it is Friday afternoon and I have a few things to blog about.  Nothing big, serious, or overly important.

Well -- I take back big -- the new Lensbaby Composer arrived in the mail today -- YAY -- along with the optics kit.  I am excited and plan to play with it as soon as I post this entry.

This week I have been busy getting some sponsorships going for the photo show.  One vendor offered up T-shirts for all photographers in the show.  Excellent!  Then I got a wild idea -- since we had one thing for all the entrants -- how about little goody bags?  

Let's just say I am not a fan of voicemail.  I was saying the same message over and over on a variety of voice mail systems yesterday.  Occasionally I would get some helpful customer service person, who of course, was not the person I needed to talk to -- but they were pleasant.  I managed to get a few emails of marketing people and sent a bunch of emails off as well.

This morning I am doing my hair -- I did have a class this morning.  I hear a message going on the machine.  I guess I had not heard the phone ringing.  One of the voice mail messages from yesterday had paid off!  Big time -- this was a great call back and got some cool stuff in the works.  I will say more when it pans out -- I hate to jinx anything.  But good things for me, the photo club, and the show!  

All of the people I talked with about this have been very nice -- well -- all but one.  Let's just say I will not do business with Shutterfly....ever.  I have never had someone so matter-of-factly, totally uninterested in a customer request respond in such a way.  So, OK -- I am not even asking every contact for a freebie for a prize of goody bag -- I just ask for coupons or brochures describing their services.  Did you know that Shuttterfly never gives out coupons or brochures?  I did not know that -- and it is funny -- I found plenty of Shutterfly coupon codes on the Internet.  I think I have even seen Shutterfly coupons in my Sunday paper and in various magazines before.  hmmmm.

Oh well -- there are plenty of online photography services out there besides Shutterfly.  Guess what -- one of them is the vendor offering up T-shirts for all the photographers -- plus coupons and gift certificates.

Shutterfly who?


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