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Friday, January 16, 2009

I Found Ice!

There was ice this morning.  It was also very cold.  I was a bit surprised at how little ice there was.  Running water will stay unfrozen -- but at 16 degrees (or less -- I am going by what the car was showing) I would have thought there would have been more ice, especially in the very shallow areas.  You could certainly tell where the swifter current travels through the lake.

As I approached the lake a couple small birds shot out of the short grass near the edge of the water. All I could think of was how cold they must be.  I was cold and I had on quite a bit of clothing.  When I first went out of the house this morning -- I came back to add a layer under my jeans.  Those wonderful golf gloves -- well -- the only part of me that was really suffering was my fingers on my right hand.  At that point I wished I had the pocket hand warmer with me!

The photo on the blog today shows the ice in an area from one of the photos yesterday.  I like the sticks protruding out of the water.  They make good reflections and give a point of reference in a large area of water.

So now tomorrow morning -- I can stay in and keep warm!

1 comment:

greg blair said...

you are brave.
i guess it takes a bit of suffering to achieve a shot like that.

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