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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


For the past couple years I have been a member of the North American Nature Photography Association.   I love their website.  The resource section is great --  they have been a wealth of information with the mess floating around about photographers being charged for shooting in national parks.  I have some photos on the site that occasionally are picked to head a page for a day. offered members a code for a freebie gallery wrap print.  A code to order a 16x20 size gallery wrap for no cost -- OK -- charges for shipping -- but we always know there is some type of catch.

So this presented me with a dilemma -- which photo?  I have a hard time making a decision -- I had to choose one photo to try this vendor.  I have had this code for a long time and not used it because I could not make up my mind.  I have these photos of a fork and scissors that I really like.  I was leaning to the fork -- then to the scissors -- then neither.

I finally chose a photo that I use for my wallpaper on the laptop.  It is one of the first photos I ever took with my Lensbaby.  I really like it -- and of course it is black and white (the fork and scissors photos are b&w too -- big surprise).  I sent the daisy Lensbaby photo.

I have printed on canvas at home -- canvas sheets.  There is not a lot that I haven't tried with printing.  For most of my prints I have been a loyal Ilford paper user.  I used the Ilford Galerie Smooth Gloss ever since I got my Epson printer.  I love this paper -- and I love that I get 100-count boxes of 8.5x11 sheets at Sam's Club for less than $24.  Please Sam's Club -- always have this in your large store!

Matte paper has been a menace for me.  I love it when I see someone else with it -- but when I try it I do not like the outcome.  Even if I like it once -- the next time I print with it -- I don't.  My stash of matte paper has been pushed to the "office supply" side of my part of the office.  I use what I have left to print my portfolio booklet or some other thing.

Watercolor paper is almost the same menace.  I love it and I hate it.  Then I look at this giant, dull print and realize I am a glossy girl.

The only other paper that I feel can give good ol' Galerie Smooth Gloss a run for its money is Ilford (yep another Ilford paper) Galerie Smooth Fine Art Paper.  And guess what -- it is matte!  I have liked every photo I have printed on it -- so far.  I have been choosey with which photo is printed on this paper.

The photo I have in the Southeastern Flower Show is printed on this paper.  I am very interested in the canvas gallery wrap that will be on its way to me soon.  I hope I like it.  Waiting for it is the worst part.  I think that is why I like printing at home -- it is instant.  I think I am an instant, glossy girl -- most of the time.


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