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Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Search of Ice

All I have heard on the news for the past few days is continuing talk about the low temperatures.  Since I am one to try to see the glass half full -- I thought this would be a great time to get some photos of ice.  It doesn't get below freezing often where I live -- soooo...this morning I went in search of ice.

I had to go out early anyway to take my daughter to a class.  After I dropped her off and on the way home I stopped by a local spot to take some photos.  By then I knew I would not find much ice -- if any.  The temps were not a low as first predicted.  But the weather man says -- wait until tomorrow (don't they always say that?)

There was a little ice -- but nothing I thought would make a good shot.  There could have been -- but after I saw the early morning light on the water -- I stopped looking for any kind of ice photo and went for the morning light reflections.  Who says fall is a time of color.  Here I am in the middle of January and the colors on the water are wonderful.  

I got a few photos I am pleased with -- both the color and the black and white versions.  Thank goodness for the Nik software -- the Color Efex and the Silver Efex were used to enhance the photos.

Even though it was not super cold this morning -- I realized I had under dressed for the weather.  No gloves and a not so heavy jacket over my sweater was not keeping me warm.  It did not matter -- I was not there long anyway -- the light was changing quickly and soon I had lost the beautiful colors on the water.  

After telling my husband about how cold my hands were -- he had an idea.  He plays golf -- a lot -- in the rain and in cold weather.  He has cold-weather golf gloves.  They keep your hands pretty darn warm -- plus they have a good grip to hold a club -- or to work a camera!  Guess who made a special trip to the golf store today -- me!  I now have a nice pair of Kodiak Ultimate Winter Gloves -- and a bargain too.  At least I think it is a bargain -- under $20!  I opted to not get the hand-warmer thing you put in your pocket.  He already has one of those -- so I figured I could borrow his if I wanted one.

Here are a couple photos from this morning -- not too bad for winter shots and frozen fingers!


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