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Friday, January 30, 2009


This year I have a big reunion coming up.  I decided to join Facebook to catch up with everyone.  I have made connections with people that I have not seen or talked to in a very long time.  It is interesting to find out how close I am or have been to a few.  Just a few years after I got out of school I moved away from my hometown and have zig-zagged across the country.   One of my old friends is even kind of famous (OK she is famous -- she will get me for the "kind of") -- she always was an entertainer in school -- singing, playing the piano, cutting up.  Look up Anita Renfroe.  She has a few You Tube videos and a great website.

OK -- so why go on about Facebook on a photography blog?  Well, besides old classmates -- there are a lot of photography people to be found on Facebook.  I knew about this certain group because I hang out on the Lensbaby forums -- but they have a 'Lensbaby Addicts' group on Facebook.  Some of my Lensbaby friends are there -- how cool is that?  There are other photography groups.  I have yet to thoroughly explore Facebook -- because I need time and I seem to be short on that these days.  I am looking forward to searching out other quality photo groups.  I love that the Lensbaby group has weekly challenges.  I am working on something to submit for the challenge this weekend.

Now -- one last push for the photo contest.  In the upper left hand corner of this page is the link to "Nature Undisturbed."  Your entry must be postmarked by tomorrow to make it in to the show.  After all the entries are in -- some time next week -- a volunteer will compile the entries and the work of the jurors begins.  By March 7, all entrants will be notified if your photo(s) are in the show.   I have been fielding a lot of questions from photographers this week about the show. Late yesterday, when I was heading out to pick up a pizza, I noticed a couple photographers at Sam's Lake Bird Sanctuary.  They looked a little familiar.  I hope you guys got some great shots -- the light about that time was awsome!  We are all getting very excited.  

Also this week, I have been following up with vendors for the show.  Donations are starting arrive -- yes already!  We have some great events lined up and great items to give away -- goody bags for photographers, prizes for the winners, and door prizes for show attendees.  Mark your calendar now for April 24, 6pm, the opening reception -- including the jurors' talk.

Last night I previewed the ad that will appear in the upcoming issue of Arts & Expressions Magazine.  Thanks Marilyn, I love the ad!  OK, so it has one of my photos in the ad (the same one that is on the call for entries).  That has always been a favorite photo of mine.  But the ad looks great -- and contains the entire list of events.  I believe the magazine comes out the end of February -- look for one.

So -- mark your calendar, get in your entries, and check out Facebook!


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