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Monday, January 12, 2009

The Lensbaby Drop

No -- I did not drop my Lensbaby.  I have been looking to take a nice photo with the Lensbaby where the sharp focus was on a drop of water and the rest of the photo was slightly out of focus.

I chose one of the smaller aperture disks (actually not a smaller disk -- all of the disks are the same size -- the hole in the center is smaller).  

I wanted the bare branches in the background -- out of focus but still where you could make out what it is.

This photo was taken the foggy day I was disappointed in cows.  When I walked home from the edge of the pasture I noticed something.  As I walked up the sidewalk to the front porch the Japanese Maple had many little drops of water on the branches.

I had that old Nikon lens on the camera -- so I had to get into the house and swap lenses (and add one of the macro diopter filters to the lens -- and head back out.

I like this photo -- I like the little highlight that is just below the drop -- I like the way the branches are in this photo.  The composition works for me.  The drop is placed at a good point in the photo.  Of course I converted the original color image to black and white.

This works for now -- next time it is foggy -- I will be at it again.


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