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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Biscotti & The Cookbook

This morning my house smells wonderful. I toasted almonds while preheating the oven for biscotti. The smell of the toasted almonds was very nice -- especially on this very wet and chilly day. Earlier this morning I sat out the stick of butter. Mixing it with the sugar and eggs was easy after it had time to soften. Adding in the orange juice, espresso powder, and cinnamon smelled great too.

While the biscotti was baking I made a cup of coffee with my Tassimo. The scent of the coffee mixed with the biscotti baking and the lingering smell of the toasted almonds. Well -- add in the iPod playing 'Christmas with the Rat Pack' -- the kitchen was warm and cozy on this dreary December morning.

I am baking the biscotti to have on hand this weekend. Finally after many edits, redits, checks, rechecks -- the cookbook is printed and ready. This is just in time for the arts & crafts fair at St. Andrews in the Pines this Saturday. The books, as well as prints and notecards, will be available for purchase this Saturday. In addition to having the delicious cappuccino biscotti for sampling, I am planning on baking some chocolate crinkles Friday morning. Both of these recipes are in the book.

I am very pleased with how it came out. There are 388 time-tested, family recipes in this book. The recipes range from soups & salads to pickles & nuts, appetizers to pies, cakes, and more. The main dishes are some that have been prepared over and over on request. The famous pound cake recipe from my husband's grandmother joins my grandmother's baked beans. The cookbook is printed on premium paper, 8.5x11 size. The binding is plastic coil. Scattered throughout the book are vintage family photos and stories -- stories about many of the people who have recipes in this book. Also in this book is the award winning photo, Fork #1.

The book is available in print softcover copy for $20, add $5 for shipping and handling. It is also available in electronic format (pdf) for $7.95. The book along with notecards and prints can be purchased at my new Etsy shop or you can email me.


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Damien Franco said...

All I can say is...YUM!

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