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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sunrise December 23

I have always gotten up early. When the kids were very small I had to -- and now I have to feed the cat, walk the dog, and photograph the sunrise.

This morning as Sadie and I walked through the neighborhood, the sky was slowly brightening. The colors were so pretty -- pinks, blues, purples, oranges. It was one of those days when I hoped we would get home before the color was past.

I made it to the front porch before most of the color was gone. Last March I posted a photo to the blog from my front porch. This is the same bunch of trees -- just up a little higher. This tree has a lot of mistletoe in it -- the clumps of branches you see are actually the mistletoe growing on the branches.

The photo today is my December 23 photo in my quest to take a photo a day until Christmas. So far I have made it and I am pleased with most of my photos. It is very interesting to look back now at the set I have on Flickr and see that "collage" of days represented that way. Two more days to go!


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