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Monday, December 28, 2009

Top Ten Blog Posts of 2009

Earlier this year I did a post on the top blog posts and found it interesting to see what people read most often. I thought it would be fitting to end 2009 with another collection of the top posts that people read either by clicking on the titles somewhere (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) or by Googling for information and ending up on my blog.
  1. Intellectual Property -- Trademark Issue -- seems like this one always pops to the top when there has been an issue. Since it has been coming up more and more lately -- look for more posts coming in 2010 on how to avoid problems and how to deal with it when there is an issue.
  2. Biscotti & The Cookbook -- there has been a lot of interest in the cookbook -- Thanks!
  3. Feet Photos -- and oldie but a goodie I guess.
  4. Making Belt Buckles -- this has been a very popular blog since it was new. I would like to make another buckle -- I guess lots of people are into this.
  5. Minimum Focus Distance -- this seems to be a popular topic. This is one of the most important bits of info to have about a camera or a lens. Getting close can sometimes really make a shot -- just don't get too close!
  6. What Does Summer Look Like -- I find it interesting that this is in the top ten. It was a fun little post to write.
  7. Seeing Is Believing -- I also find it interesting that this one is on the list. Many people still believe if they see a photo -- it is the truth.
  8. Call for Entries Nature Undisturbed -- Glad to see the call for entries post is on the list too. I will have more info on the photo show coming in the next week. There will be a big announcement on the judge for the show.
  9. Sometimes You Gotta Zoom -- This was another fun post to write -- I am glad to see it getting a lot of hits.
  10. I Like Good Bokeh -- and this one -- like I have said -- who doesn't like bokeh? I love it -- I am all about depth of field -- and especially shallow depth of field and getting that really cool bokeh background. Bokeh has fan clubs on Flickr -- look for more posts about this topic.
In fact -- look for more posts about all of these top topics. If people are clicking on certain topics over and over for months, and even years in some cases, I will write more about those points of interest and go into them deeper. I really love having this blog and writing about my photography experiences and inspirations. If you, as a reader, wish to see certain topics covered -- please email me by clicking the link on the blog and let me know. I would love your feedback. If you stumble on the blog and like what you see -- subscribe in a reader, via email, or follow me on Twitter to get the latest info and blog postings.

For 2010, as I have said -- I will revisit popular topics. Also, since I loved the 25 Days of Christmas Challenge so much -- I have committed to the 365 Project on Flickr. I signed on to the Shutter Sisters' group yesterday. Here is hoping I can make it a photo a day for the year! If anyone else is up for the challenge -- sign up! There is still time to get in before Friday.


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