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Friday, December 11, 2009

From the Barefoot Files...

Another family birthday -- my mother. Here is a photo of my mother with (I believe this dog's name is right) Teddie. Teddie looks a lot like a dog that was around my grandmother's house when I was little -- that one was Queenie and she bit me once -- but that is another story...

My mother's birthday is tomorrow. My daughter and I have been traveling to see her on her birthday for the past few years. It is a nice time to travel and visit -- in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There is snow in this picture and I am wondering if we will see any snow while we are there?

We will be taking cookbooks to Virginia. Some of my mother's friends want a copy. My mother has a lot of recipes in the book -- and there are a lot of photos of her in there as well.

Before she retired -- my mother was a curator at the Marine Corps Museum. When my kids were little -- especially my son -- it was a fun visit for him to get to go to the museum and let Nana show him all of the displays.


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