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Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Christmas Card

Since I am a photographer -- I like to send photo Christmas cards to friends and family. We have had some interesting ones. Last year I loved the photo on the card. I love Lensbaby and black and white -- it fit very well. It was after I printed all of the photos that I had a better idea for the photo. I post about it last December.

This year I had my photo way back in March. The snow we had on March 1 gave me plenty of photos to choose from. The photo above is the one I settled on. The color version of this photo was almost monochromatic -- there was a bit of dark green showing on the pine needles. I like the movement it suggests. The heaviness of the snow on the branches and flakes still falling made me choose this one. You don't see snow like this often where I live. My friends in Virginia are seeing it now -- and I was there last weekend! Oh what a difference a week can make!

Of course I have used photos of the kids for cards. My kids are kind of grown for the regular kid photo shot. I have one from last year that almost made it to the card. I think it is funny and kind of spoofs on our usual 'in front of the tree' photo. Maybe it will be used next year....


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