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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Making Belt Buckles

I have always enjoyed doing any kind of craft project. Over the years on my own and doing classes with children I think I have tried just about everything -- except making a belt buckle. Last night I did it!

Dogwood Gallery and Framer has started a Ladies' Night at the gallery. These nights feature an art or craft project -- hands on and how to. Jenni Horne was the instructor this evening for the belt buckle class. She had quite a collection of papers to use to create your own one-of-a-kind

As usual, I had just as much fun taking photos of people working on their buckle as I did making my own.

When it came to making my own -- I decided to go with simple black and white -- typical me. I did think about taking my photo from my ad in the arts & expressions magazine. I think it came out nicely with the black and white ad on the black and white background paper. A few words thrown in and dates. I like this -- and I do plan on making more with my photos on the buckle!


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