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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Printer Issues

From time to time we all have to deal with printer issues. Last week I had a small one. As soon as I printed a contact sheet I knew what was going on. I have a bad habit of not turning my printer off when I am not using it. If you print infrequently, you should turn off your printer until you need it. This seats the print heads and keeps them from drying out and, of course, clogging.

You can see from the contact sheet that there is a pinkish tint to the photos. Then looking at the contact sheet after I cleaned the print heads -- true color.

The do-you-need-to-clean-your-print-heads test print shows no yellow at all; and the dark cyan is very spotty. If a print head is clogged -- even slightly -- the color in your photo will be off.

After I cleaned the heads, I printed another test to check the effectiveness of the cleaning. Everything checked out and the test is perfect (my photo is a little icky, but you can get the idea).

After I printed the contact sheet -- I turned off my printer until the next time I need it.


1 comment:

Vagabonde said...

We never turn off our printer – I did not know that we should. Thanks for talking about this.

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