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Friday, June 5, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Since it is near another birthday, I am posting a photo of my grandmother (my father's mother). She was born in 1915 and had a twin brother. I remember spending time at her house as a child. She had a tiny kitchen -- very tiny! Along the top of her wardrobe there were hat boxes that held the hats she would wear to church. Behind the door to the bedroom I had a library (stack) of Little Golden Books.

When I think of her in the kitchen I remember her making coconut cakes and lemon meringue pies. She would give me a taste of the coconut milk and coconut meat. It was very exotic. Her lemon pies were also delicious. After they cooled, there would be small dots of a sugary, carmel-colored liquid collected around the meringue. There was a cherry tree in the yard. I would help her pick cherries and then she would make a delicious cherry roll with them.

My grandmother was one of the church ladies. It was fun for me to hang around with her at church. On the days when we would have a big pot luck after service was over, she would leave church early to help set things up. She would let me leave early to also come along with her. Of course she would have made a coconut cake or lemon pie to bring along with potato salad and ham biscuits.

Grandma Mildred (what my kids called her) had Alzheimer's in her later years. She did not know me for the last few years of her life. Throughout her life she was a healthy person. I remember the last time I saw her. When I visited I did not try to get her to remember me or certain things. I talked to her about cakes and pies. She smiled a big smile when I asked if she liked chocolate pie (yes, she made those too).

I am not sure when this photo of her was taken -- she looks around 6 years old. The background of the photo makes me think it was taken in the yard at her home. I remember that fence.



Mernie said...

Thanks Donna, for sharing your beautiful memory and wonderful vintage photo!

Donna said...

Thank you Mernie -- as always, it is a pleasure.

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