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Friday, June 12, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday

Today is my parent's wedding anniversary. They were married in 1960. They were married in a small church and the reception was held in the small activities building next to the church. This photo shows them walking down the steps in the activity building. I can't remember who the guy in the background is -- I know my mother will tell me later.

I was married in the same church twenty three years later. (Photo of that coming on a Vintage Photo Friday in August) My reception was in the small activity building next door as well. When I got married in August, the temperature was 105 degrees. There was no air conditioning in the church or other building. At the reception I remember my dad saying if it got any hotter he was going to take off his tux and finish out the rest of the reception in his underwear. Knowing my dad, I was afraid he was serious. I hope that when they got married in June it was much cooler -- I am sure it was.



Donna said...

I got this email from my mother this afternoon:

"Donna that was George Perry in the background."

Vagabonde said...

I printed the lasagne recipe and shall make it soon. I enjoyed the class you gave at the Cobb County Library last month. I took over 1500 photographs on our trip to Alaska and the Yukon and tried to take some photos that were not “like you see in a calendar”. Now I have to go through them all. I have some photos of my parents' wedding, and they are vintage too since the wedding was in 1936. I'll include them in a future post.

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